There are many challenges for women who work in a male-dominated workplace; the transportation and logistics industry has been labelled as one of them. Fortunately, throughout the years, women have advanced into leadership roles and adapted to male-dominated workplace cultures. As the company is still in early stages of development, Vantage Logistics highly encourages women from diverse backgrounds to work and grow with them. In light of International Women’s Day, the women at Vantage were asked to reflect on how they felt working in an environment where the current female staff can easily be counted on their fingers. They also shared empowering advice for women who want to work in the industry.

Amanpreet Kaur

Amanpreet Kaur, Accounts Specialist

“Gender diversity and equality are two important elements for any workplace. It is difficult to understand the meaning of gender parity unless you’ve walked into their shoes. After working at Vantage Logistics in the accounting department, I certainly witness women serving the leading positions however, not in parity. Presently, women represent only 15% in the logistics industry. On International Women’s Day, I would like to express how exciting is to be working in the logistics industry and how much satisfaction you can feel from contributing to such an important sector of our economy. Therefore, I encourage all the young ladies out there to bring the best of yourself and build a fantastic career for themselves in logistics industry.”

Gurbani Kaur

Gurbani Kaur, Accounting Manager

“My experience working in a male-dominated sector being in a very significant minority has been quite thrilling. Contrary to the stereotypical gender biases, I have been a part of an environment that entailed mutual respect, honesty, and opportunities for everyone. With the logistics industry shifting towards a much-diversified workforce, women just need to be confident, work hard and, be true to themselves.”

Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur, Accounts Receivable Specialist

“It is obvious, that the logistics industry is perceived as a male-dominated industry where women may feel as if they can work in limited positions. However, today, everything is changing, and women can work in any position they please. I am so grateful to be a part of Vantage Logistics and this industry. All my colleagues are very helpful, and I am given opportunities for growth within the workplace.”

Jagdeep Kaur

Jagdeep Kaur, Accounts Receivable Specialist

“I find it empowering to be a woman working in a male-dominated industry. Ever since I started to work at Vantage Logistics, I have been given the opportunity to grow, excel, and prove that I can overcome any challenge. For any women looking to work in the logistics industry, I would say be confident. Being a woman is a superpower on its own. When you are confident, you learn a lot and grow quick within the company.”

Kirandeep Johal

Kirandeep Johal, Human Resources Director

“When we think of the transportation and logistics industry, we automatically perceive it as ‘male-dominant’. However, I think women play an integral part in the industry. In my opinion, women are not just the future, we are also the now. The transportation industry is quickly changing, and I am proud to be a part of this change. I have first-hand witnessed this change at Vantage Logistics. Three years ago, the company only had one woman on the team. Today, there are women working in most departments as well as in managerial positions. My advice to women who are interested in working in the logistics industry is to not let the idea of the industry being ‘male-dominated’ intimidate you. We are part of the change and we are in charge of the limits we set for ourselves. Keep in mind that by joining the industry, you will be part of the reason that down the line, the logistics industry will no longer be referred to as “male dominated” and I think that is pretty amazing on its own.”

Ravneet Dhillon, Payroll Manager  

“Working in a male dynamic environment has its challenges but has allowed me to grow as an individual. Coming from a previous profession which was primarily women-dominated, Vantage Logistics has allowed me to view things from a different perspective further allowing beneficial solutions where needed. It has made working here definitely more engaging and has enhanced my work ethic. Logistics roles, although slowly, are definitely being taken up by women over the years and I am proud to be a part of that representation. I would advise women that if you’re passionate about logistics, then don’t feel intimidated, just believe in yourself!”

Sukhpreet Kour

Sukhpreet Kour, Accounts Receivable Specialist

“It is said that working at a workplace where majority of the employees are male is a bit challenging and you always have to prove yourself, but I think it is quite opposite. If you are good in your work, it doesn’t matter if it is male-dominant or female. Eventually your work and dedication are going to prove your worth. Trust your skills and never stop learning new things. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.”