When we see a truck on the road, we instantly want to accelerate and get out of the way before getting too close. When we see multiple trucks, it’s an ultimate turn-off to see how much room they take up on the road. But, behind these little triggers, we don’t realize that truckers have a challenging lifestyle to maintain, such as working long hours and being away from their loved ones for long periods. While most local drivers come home to their family after a regular shift, long-haul truck drivers are on the road for approximately 65 hours per week (depending on their schedule) away from their family and friends. It can be difficult to keep in touch with loved ones while being away since feelings of loneliness can occur for truckers and their families.

See below for some tips on how truck drivers can stay connected and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Create a Schedule

Create a Schedule: Creating a schedule is the best way to organize quality time with family. You can label the days you’re available so your family activities can be planned accordingly. You can create a shared calendar or add notes on the refrigerator. There are many useful resources to help you create a schedule that everyone will be happy with.

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead: Once you know what your schedule looks like, it’s important to allocate your days towards spending quality time with family. Planning ahead helps you and your family remember what your availability looks like. You can successfully plan a family outing or event once you plan ahead.

Text Messaging

Text Messaging: Texting (not while driving) is the easiest way to communicate with your loved ones. When you park on the side of the road or stop for a quick bite, make sure to send some photos to your family so they feel like you’re at home with them. Exchanging messages is a great way to stay in touch throughout the day. Stay in touch by also playing digital games with your friends/family; it’s a great way to stay entertained too.

Photos and Video Calls

Phone and Video Calls: Calling your loved ones on your break or before a nap in your truck is a great way to catch up, hear their voice and have a conversation face to face. Having phone conversations uplifts your mood and makes you feel closer to your family and friends.

Photos and Memories

Photos and Memories: Photos capture feelings and allow us to reminisce about memories. Hanging photos of your loved ones around the truck dashboard is a comforting way to feel right at home with your favourite people. You can carry significant objects or notes that remind you of home and place them around your truck.

Although it’s not easy working away from home for many days, these tips will help you improve your relationship with your family. Thankfully, technology helps everyone stay connected no matter where they are.