Freight and logistic companies are amongst the pillars of the economy being highly in demand for keeping the system thriving at a constant pace for businesses and consumers. Over the years, the way logistics has branched into multiple industries facilitates the way businesses connect with each other. However, when considering the scale of the transportation industry on a global level, the environment is deeply impacted by its activities.

Since 2013, Vantage Logistics grew their business and now operates with a fleet of 150 trucks. With such a fleet, social responsibility towards the environment must be at the forefront of their operations. As a young and innovative company, Vantage Logistics cares about the impacts that their activities have on the environment. They are constantly looking for ways to implement environmentally friendly initiatives while successfully running their business. So far, they have invested in newer sustainable equipment to minimize their footprint and they currently use methods to reduce pollution.

Vantage Logistics is putting in place the following measures to contribute to the environment:

  1. Aerodynamic Extensions: Aerodynamic extensions reduce the gap between trucks and trailers creating less wind resistance and drag and increases fuel economy. This method reduces fuel consumption up to 4%.
  1. Preventive Maintenance Program: When implemented properly, a preventive maintenance plan results in cutting costs over time since assets last longer and minimizes energy usage. Putting preventive measures in place causes fewer interruptions in the process; it is a good way to plan and foresee how much energy and costs can be saved. This strategy increases workplace safety and improves compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  1. Nitrogen Filled Tires: At Vantage Logistics, the tires of all trucks are filled with nitrogen. The rate of air loss in nitrogen filled tires is much slower than its compressed air counterparts. As a result, making the tires last 80% longer on the road means less tires are wasted. It also reduces fuel consumption up to 5%.
  1. Reducing Idling Time: Vantage Logistics aims to reduce idling time. Reducing vehicle idling time saves fuel, money, and cuts harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and other harmful pollutants. Idle reduction prevents engines from wearing out prematurely which eliminates maintenance costs, especially for heavy-duty trucks. Idle reduction strategies also reduce noise pollution. In some areas, heavy-duty trucks and trains are required to limit noise at night.
  1. Side Skirts on Trailers: Side skirts are wing-like aero devices installed on the side of vehicles to reduce wind resistance. The side skirt strategy increases gas mileage (driving more kilometers on less fuel) up to 7%. Not only does this save on fuel costs; it has a positive impact on the environment.
  1. Decreasing Paper Waste: Vantage Logistics is currently working on decreasing paper waste by using eco-friendly services such as Shred It, an information security company specializing in safely shredding and destroying physical documents. Shred It ensures that paper waste is recycled responsibly. For more information on how Shred It minimizes the waste of paper, refer to:
  1. SmartWay Partner: SmartWay is a free program aiming to assist transportation businesses lower their environmental impact through various programs and initiatives. This community of 3500 partners across North America allows Vantage to be among other carriers willing to work together to find solutions for a better environment. For more information on the programs and initiatives offered by SmartWay, refer to:


Our company is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to contribute to the environment. Small actions taken by Vantage Logistics today have a growing positive impact on tomorrow’s environment.